The Japan trip is the pilgrimage we all dream of taking one day. Whilst it might no longer be the new frontier of pow riding that it once was, there's still something to be said for eating your dinner at 7/11, buying kimonos, and searching for Godzilla toys in Tokyo street markets (if you're Todd Richards).

Once the preserve of shop tours and pros, Japan is now as accessible to as Northern Sweden is. They're probably around the same price these days as well.

The Beskid Boys consists of Michał Kondrat, Michał Ligocki, and Wojtek Pająk; all hailing from Poland. Mr Ligocki has cropped up a few times on the humble a few times already; a part in 'What A Bigos' back in '13 and the Whataha flick 'SWAG' a few years before that. Wojtek also has a blazing segment in the 'What A Bigos' film as well - although don't confuse him with Wojtek Pawlusiak. Here's a handy reference guide to avoid any mix ups.

Overall, we're really liking the vibe of the teaser. Not flashy, not trying to be anything that it isn't, no expansive helicopter nature shots. Fuck, they even got sponsored by the Sapporo Brewery. Hook some brothers up, guys!