Arnette's Multiple Personality Disorder webisode series is back, this time you can have a look into the styles and characters of Arnette snowboard team. After last year's surfing web series and this year's #LIVEARNETTE minisodes, Arnette kicks off with yet another project.

Stayed tuned for 2 more episodes with the crew and their crazy antics, from the slushy local resorts to the frozen streets of America.

Starring: Ethan Deiss, Niko Cioffi, Sam Taxwood, Nial Romanek, Dylan Dragotta, Spencer Schubert, Red Gerard, Sage Kotsenburg, Johnny Lazz, Zac Marben, Andrew Brewer, Dustin Craven, Ben Bilodeau, Zander Blackmon, Broc Waring, Colt Morgan, Nick Visconti, Sammy Spiteri, Russell Winfield, Ben Bogart, and more...