Outerwear supremos 686 weigh in with the teaser for their new team movie, 686 Seconds. You'll want to add this to your movie-watching bucket list for sure.

686 has a pretty damned stacked team, so quickly their concept of a 686-second mini-movie showcasing their talents mushroomed into a full-length film featuring all the crew. Set your countdown for October 6, when the full shebang drops on iTunes.

What started as a question of how can we fill 686 seconds, became a full length, 36-minute film featuring all of our f(AM)ily: Ryan Tarbell, Riley Nickerson, Ian Hart, Austin Young, John Murphy, Mike Gray, Matt Wainhouse, introducing new heavy hitters Tor Lundstrom, Matt Belize, Forrest Burki and Enzo Nilo and of course, with Forest Bailey, Cam Pierce, Sammy Luebke Sebi Geiger and Marco Feichtner.

Caution: Watching this may cause you to want to go snowboarding. 686 presents 36 minutes of snowboarding through the collective third eye of the youth - an experimentation of moving imagery pushing progression, set to auditory reverberations. Filmed in the streets and mountains of the USA, Canada, France, Austria, Russia and Japan by the 686 team.