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Talma tässä moi! Kelailtiin vaan että jos sulla ei oo mitään tekemistä hiihtolomaks ni meil olis tämmöstä tarjolla...

Posted by Talma on Thursday, February 18, 2016

Finland's legendary Talma 'glacier' has long been an incubator of emerging Finnish talent. The legions of riders who've cut their teeth in the park on a small hill near Helsinki is unprecedented, and we'll never forget the opening part of Eero Ettala's seminal part in MDP's Follow Me Around that was filmed there.

Our buddy Ilmo fired us this short video extolling the place's virtues, and summed Talma pretty much perfectly: "Talma is the best skatepark in the world made for snowboards. 2 minute laps, multiple kicker and rail lines plus a good old halfpipe – aka today's standards mini pipe. GO NOW!"