Good job Sarka Pancochova is as tough as nails because we thought she'd have to be carted off in a blood wagon after witnessing her slam in yesterday's Sochi 2014 women's slopestyle finals.

After posting a sick run which saw her sitting in poll position after the first runs, Sarka was bumped into second by the UK's Jenny Jones. Looking to step up her second run she went to float a massive cab 7 but couldn't quite complete the rotation, catching her heel edge and slamming in the way that's pretty much every snowboarder's worst nightmare.

After lifelessly tumbling down the landing (which the broadcasters insisted on replaying in slow motion, multiple times), Sarka was quickly back on her feet, and by the looks of it, ok. The impact was so severe that it opened up a huge crack in her helmet. If her Instagram of the damage isn't enough of an advert for the use of helmets when hitting kickers we really don't know what is:


We're glad to see that Sarka is all well and good and will definitely be rocking a lid next time we try a cab 7 (*cough* cab 3 *cough*)...