Who remembers Never Summer's 2010 team movie 'Made in America'? Well... anyhow, the small yet fine snowboard brand is back with a new team movie subtly called 'Shred 'Em All.' Watch the teaser and get stoked on their shredding of all and everything...


Never Summer Snowboards didn’t travel the world, or ride in helicopters, or build a private superpipe in the backcountry. We took a flight or two, appreciated the art of snowboarding, and we created a movie with our friends that represents what snowboarding means to us. HAVING FUN! 20 years ago Never Summer adopted the philosophy of an older, more established company from Vermont…Ben and Jerry’s…"If it’s not fun, why do it?" For us it still holds true. Enjoy the trailer!

Riders: Ryan Cruze, Chris Corning, Cooper Hoffmeister, Cooper Scler, Alessandro Boyens, Nick Decicco, Jason Elms, Rajat Bhayani, Jason Hindman, Tom Flacco, Nick Larson, Ryan Stephens, Tony Pavlantos, Heather Baroody, Mary Boddington, Chris Lynch, Chris "Chach" Chance, Jake Williams, Rick Rodriguez, Bill Rodriguez, Tom Flacco