Oh wow, this might be just as good as the 8Mile teaser we just posted. You make the call.

Here's the official teaser for Ian Post's east coast snowboarding movie Stitched Up Clipped Up - Coming to your TV or computer screen THIS month (August).

Starring: Luke Haddock | Yale Cousino | Riley Nickerson | Hans Mindnich | Shaun Murphy | Johnny O'Connor | Jeff Deforge | Dylan Dragotta | Tanner McCarty | Brad Hesson | Steve Lauder | Ben Wachowiak | Alex Hereford | John Murphy | Ralph Kucharek | & Friends

Produced, Filmed & Edited by: Ian Post

Additional Video: George Watts, Trevor Harris, Eric Durand, Skylar Brent, Harry Hagan, Hans' Head, Jonathan Goggin

Purchase or watch more on: (JPN)​stitched.up.clipped.up - Win some oakleys!