Stinky Socks is, unsurprisingly, a sock brand but, perhaps more surprisingly, they're from Bulgaria. The socks are sick, and the team just went up a notch with the recruitment of Canadian kid, Mark Goodall. Check out his wizard moves...

The Bulgarians have a keen sense of irony, it seems, as despite the name the socks have some ninja shit in them that makes them anything but stinky. And their team looks to be getting gnarly with the addition of tech jibber dude Mark Goodall. As our man Risto says, "We've been following Mark's snowboarding years before we even realized that Stinky Socks would exist. We were like, "if we ever have a brand Mark should be on it..." and so we are super happy to welcome Mark to the Stinky Family!"


Filmed by: Alex Bielawski, Trevor Harris, Andrew Wyton