Come join us on a walk down memory lane. We just found StepChild's and Nomis' team video from 2007 on Vimeo. How cool is that? Child Support was created by Sean Johnson, who brought you other classics like the Whiskey series, Video Gangs and Promo Copy. This video is still amazing by today's standards - you'll see footage from 1985 of freestyle legend Terry Kidwell, insane Whistler pillow lines, and a two-year part from Simon Chamberlain. Or as Sean put it, " Every StepChild rider lost their girlfriend while filming for this movie." And furthermore, "The movie almost killed everyone involved." Convinced?

FEATURED RIDERS: Simon Chamberlain, Joe Sexton, Terry Kidwell, Stian Solberg, Fredu Sirvio, Chris Wimbles, Mark Sollors, Markku Koski, Scotty Vine, Risto Ruokola, Eddie Wall, Tom Burt, Jonaven Moore, Antti Autti, Shin Campos, Knut Eliassen.