Red Bull, partnered up with infamous snow sculpting surgeons Schneestern, to design, build and execute a jibstyle snowpark on their home turf in Allgau, Germany. Now Deutschland, isn't really well known for its snowpark prowess. With a few exceptions of Gasgrehen, David Benedek's kicker at Zugspitze and the occasional Air and Style Munich - it isn't really top of the charts on the list of places to go riding.

However, Red Bull and Schneestern, have upped the game with this one. This could well be on of the most creative set-ups we've seen in Europe, as far as jibbing goes. For so long, jibbing has been almost an afterthought in a lot of resorts. 'Flat-down here, triple kink there, wack a stepdown bar here' kind of thing.

That is definitely not the case with the Station, and the multitude of features ranging from cool to batshit crazy.

It's difficult to put into words how cool it is to see brands doing something they don't really do these days; leaving a legacy.

There's a lot of brands out there that roll into town, throw an event and then just bowl out again. But by building features that are going to stay at the park for the next season, three seasons, ten seasons or however many seasons, it gives riders in the area the best possible opportunity to be the best riders they can be.

Props to Nesselwang, Schneestern, Volcom, Nitro, GoPro and Red Bull.

You can check The Station website out here for all the info.