[mpora_video id=AAd9wgrxc9f4]

Check the current TTR World Snowboard Tour overall champ putting the smackdown in Sierra's park. He can operate a snowboard, that's for sure.

We decided to kick off today with another bit of understatement. Following on from Mark McMorris showing us how triple corks are, in fact, hard yesterday arvo, now we've decided to inform you that Ståle Sandbech is actually a bit good. The Norseman also takes to riding in a Halloween mask for part of this, which we believe more snowboarders should do. After all, switch dubs are all well and good but back 180 ballbags looking like a freaky old dude? Priceless.

This is from a new series being produced by Rome Snowboards entitled 1.1.1. One rider, one park, one day. We look forward to more, gents.