Springtime hits NZ, and along with some of the anticipated slushy fun sessions the Diaries Downunder boys also luck out to score some of the best pow of the season in the Queenstown area...

Springtime's not only about slashing slush in wifebeaters - often you can find epic snow with way less crowds if you know where to look. These Kiwi boys certainly know where to go when it's on, and they also know someone at the resort who can build them a solid booter in the middle of the bunny run to boot. If we ever head to NZ we're hooking up with this lot - seem's like they be running tings down under.

Spring is a season that cannot be tamed or predicted. Spring is the king of surprises and the tail end of the snow season this year in Queenstown was no exception!

In between beautiful warm, blue sky days we had storms come through that delivered some of the best powder days of the season!

In this episode we go and make the most of the surprise powder that Spring seems to so kindly deliver - even when we think the slush has finally become the king of late season.

We make the most of the slushy spring landings and get a progression session happening after hours at The Remarkables.

A great end to another season of good times here at the bottom of the world!

Music Credit

Band: Black Hat Brigade

Song: On Leave

Produced by: Brightmind Music