If you're going to spray a skier, just make sure you don't mess it up this badly.

Let's face it, in most places, skier/snowboarder beef is pretty much a thing of the past. We may not jump at the idea of stepping into skis, but for the most part, we've learned to live and let live.

But if you still feel the need to express your distaste to our pole-wielding brethren, or their actions, with some otherwise harmless snow spray, just be sure you don't cock it up this badly:

"Local heavy said he had enough of tourists on the hill and went for an epic de-cleating at 45mph"

Slipping out and straight taking the dude out is definitely in-breach of the whole non-violent protest mentality of spraying skiers, and could result in some blows. In other words, don't crash into someone for no reason and expect them not to be pissed.