Check out this amazing commercial from 1979 that represents one of the earliest appearances of snowboarding in the mainstream media.

Mark Halseth has been around since the inception of snowboarding back in the late 70s - a time when snowboards were bindingless, edgeless, string-controlled planks of wood, literally used for surfing the hill.

Mark, his wife and his friends all feature in this commercial for Labbatt's beer and are shown cruising pow before hitting the lodge for some grub and a beer or three.

It's pretty cool to see that even since the sport's very early days, snowboarding and beer have had a close relationship, on top of the fact that snowboarding back then was perceived as being something new and exciting that 'the cool kids' were getting into.

Have a read of what Mark had to say about the commercial, below:

In about 1980 and ad agency saw an article on the Snurfer brand snow surfer in Playboy. They contacted the Jem corp and asked for riders to do a commercial. Jem gave them my name, Mark Halseth, and Paul Graves. When they found out my wife, Jane , rode they hired her too. We filmed the inside shots in Baniff, Canada and the riding was in Colorado. It was warm in Baniff and the snow was bad. I was the rider in the yellow vest. i do not think there were many riders like me that did not use the rope at that time. Jane is the blonde in the red, white vest and the other rider is Paul Graves. Great memories and a ton of fun.I Look forward to hearing about what you think about some early hot shots.