Us snowboarders aren't well renowned for punctuality, as you probably know all too well, but while running late and changing your mind last minute doesn't always work in your favour for early morning, in the air (we reckon) it makes for excellent viewing...

That being so, we headed up to Stubai Glacier this autumn while everyone was getting their early season warm-up sessions in - with plenty of big rotations on show - and captured some of the slowest, latest tricks we could spot. Mega slow rotation on the huge Prime park kickers? Late method thrown in as you clear the knuckle? That's exactly what we were after.

Up shooting his own No Grabs edit and generally bossing it, Sebbe De Buck was on hand to help, as well as a rolling cast of visiting riders from around the globe including: Ethan Morgan, Marko Grilc, Markus Kleveland, Fridtjof Sæther Tischendorf, Billy Morgan, Mans Hedberg, Markus Olimstad, Nik Baden, Brock Crouch, Mons Roisland and more - not to mention a cheeky entry from Werni Stock at Hintertux after the credits roll.

Huge thanks to the folks at Tirol and Prime Park, as well as Stubai Zoo for helping make the early season a banger! Watch this space for more from another Tirol speciale edit hitting soon... #lovetirol