We know it's pretty harsh to laugh at people's misery and suffering but in the case of snowboard slams, you can use that very misfortune as a learning tool.

Introducing a brand new feature, creatively called Slam of the Week, where, (as you might be able to infer from the title), we present the best slam we've come across on the internet that week. We'll then go on to dissect the slam into its constituent parts and use it as a lesson on how to avoid suffering the same fate as these poor, misguided individuals.


We'll kick it off with this blinder of an overshoot.

Now hitting kickers definitely takes a bit of practice and getting the speed right is one of the most important things to figure out. That yelp of helplessness and sickening crunch on impact tells us two things: 1) this kid did not get his speed right and 2) he gonna be a hurtin'

Don't do what this kid do and go 50 foot to flat on a 15 foot kicker by following these simple steps:

1) Like when you learned to walk/drink/drive/have sex, you need to work your way up from small, simple maneuvers to much bigger, more dramatic ones. The same applies for kickers.

2) When hitting a big kicker for the first time, don't let yourself be the lab guniea pig that gets warped into some mutant that its own mother wouldn't even love anymore. Let some other more experienced chap go first and watch where they drop in from and how many setup turns they do.

3) When you do think you're ready to tame the beast, don't be a pussy, trust your instincts and be sure to take off balanced over your board. Having your legs shoot out from under you and being ass-raped by the landing is never a good time, trust.

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