In a new interview with HuffPost, Shaun White talks us through some of his reasoning for pulling out of slopestyle and what was going through his head when he failed to claim the three-peat he was looking for in the halfpipe.

When Shaun White pulled out of the slopestyle contest at Sochi 2014, claiming that the course was 'unsafe' and to focus on his halfpipe prospects, it really did cause quite the stir. Fellow slopestyle riders were quick to voice their opinions and his decision definitely annoyed a lot of people.

I'm even more excited to go back and compete than I was before the Olympics

When Shaun then failed to even podium in the halfpipe, we all wondered what his path would be next. A cryptic message posted to his Facebook page suggested that he would be switching the focus to his new band 'Bad Things', although there was no clear-cut statement about retiring from competitive snowboarding at that time.

In this new interview with HuffPost, Shaun explains that he is "even more excited to go back and compete than before the Olympics" and so it definitely looks like Sochi 2014 was not the last we will be seeing of Shaun.