Watch Shaun White stomp a couple of kicker double corks before being shot down.

Though he was arguably responsible for spearheading the double corks revolution in the halfpipe in the run-in to last winter's Olympics, Shaun White has been conspicuously quiet when it comes to putting them down on kickers.

In fact, you'd be forgiven for thinking that with every up-and-coming rookie you've never heard of capable of throwing down the double dipper, Shaun didn't want to embarrass himself on the booters and slopestyle contest circuit this season, hence his no-show at all the major events. You know, he's been talk-showing a bunch instead. But it looks like he's determined to keep up with the Joneses now...

Add some weird spy dude animation thing shooting the ginger down and you have an odd clip that had us laughing for reasons unknown.