While we in Europe are battling with a see-sawing season that tries to call itself 'summer', it's game on in the southern hemi spots. Hot on the heels of their short clip of homie Andrew Burns getting faceshots for days comes another edit from the SGT Argentina crew as they rip lines in Patagonian pow.

Here's the 101 in their words...

Summer can be a trying time in the life of a snow enthusiast. The total lack of winter in the United States can leave you yearning for that feeling of true powder lightly drifting across your face and into tranquility. The good people at SGT Argentina can help provide you with the cure: Session Uno edit, which brought more snow and smiles to down in Bariloche, Argentina as Skylar Holgate, Andrew Burns, Nicki Slechta and Chris Coulter led crews into the backcountry to destroy the fresh Patagonian Powder. Thanks for the love and support from Levitation Project, LAN Airlines, BCA, MTN Approach, ANON, RED SoulMax, Cerro Catedral Patagonia Alta and Contour.