Thanks to organisations like Maximise, we've now desensitised to the sight of uber-groms chucking tricks that would have won an X Games gold only a few years ago. Just check out this double backflip from eight-year-old Eli Bouchard. However, it's not often that you see an ankle-biter attacking the streets in the manner of Anniina Perhovaara.

As well as being a strong Scrabble score, this seven-year-old Finn is showing bucketloads of promise on her stick; from picnic tables and Helgason-esque plastic pipe setups to bona-fide handrails.

It's really refreshing to see someone so young embracing this side of snowboarding - although if she's to survive the often merciless pedantry of the urban shred world, those zeaches will have to go...

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