The season’s still going strong and the obstacles at the fun areas are shining in all their glory, providing the ideal conditions for an extended spring session! Accompanied by a media crew, a group of shred-heads made their way to check the various playgrounds of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis for their ridability.

Bright blue skies and freshly shaped obstacles – when the snowboarders arrived at the Freestyle Circus in Serfaus they were facing a snowpark of the highest order. The sight of the park seemed to have left quite an impression with the riders – just a couple of seconds within their arrival, they were already set to lay down their first runs in this fun area. Park designer Fritz Gram was also quite satisfied with this year’s setup. “What’s so special about the Freestyle Circus is that we have definitely put the main emphasis on its fun factor. Most of the obstacles can be classified as medium level. That’s certainly an advantage because here you can try various new moves without immediately ending in the back of an ambulance."

The snowboarders Lukas Thurnes, Fabian Fraidl, Leonhard Klinec and Rene Mangeng took part in the photo and video session. The riders were obviously having a great time shredding the park to bits. “The park’s just great, with its rail and kicker lines! If I had to choose my favorite obstacle, I’d definitely go with the 6m down rail," Rene Mangeng says.

Photo credit: Florian Albert

Video credit: Raphael Pöham