Just in case invading our pavements, museums, public transport systems and pretty much every crevice of our lives; the 'selfiestick' has now invaded snowboarding like a third wheel on a first date.

In reality, we all know that 'selfiesticks' are basically a posh version of broken ski poles we've been using for about 8 years to use as follow cams, but as narcissism reached new heights this year, they crossed into the mainsteam and into every day life.

Now, apart from jaunts to the Smithsonian, Walt Disney Land and the entirety of South Korea; you'd be lucky to escape their clutches. However, when Ben Poechman got given a 'selfiestick' for Christmas, instead of going out and taking pointless pictures of himself doing meaningless dross that makes up a huge percentile of most peoples lives, he decided to do a Mike Basich and film a solo project.

If 'The Art of Flight' and 'That's It, That's All' are at the top end of the production spectrum, this is has got to be at completely the other end of the scale. That said, it's still better than a significant amount of edits we get sent sometimes.

There's something to be said about going out on your own, finding a spot, and just pressing record. No pressure, no midnight missions and no generators whirring in the background. One man and his stick, like a dog and a bone.