Watch GoPro footage of a snowboarder getting caught up in a relatively low-volume slab avalanche in Romania.

With the widespread appeal and availability of GoPros and other POV action cameras, it's little surprise that every year we see more and more footage of people getting caught up in scenarios that (hopefully) not many of us will ever have to witness in real life.


We've had people tumbling over cliffs, more people tumbling over cliffs and an unintentional double front flip, to name but a few.

Avalanches are no joke, and are a natural phenomena that every snowboarder should be aware of when they venture off the controlled slopes in search of sweet, virgin, pow pow.

In this short clip, a snowboarder triggers one out on a backcountry face in Romania. Luckily for him, the volume of snow here was low enough that he ended up at the surface once the avalanche came to rest - many other riders aren't as lucky.

We can't really comment on whether this guy was riding with the correct equipment or whether he had buddies on hand to locate and dig him out had he become buried, but however you look at it, it's pretty scary stuff.

Stay safe out there this winter!