Salomon's Team Vacation rolled into Japan last winter and this edit is the result. It's also one of the funnest edits we've seen in a long white, with sick riding backing up the good vibes that was clearly had by all...

We don't know why we added an exclamation mark to Japan, by the way. It just kind of seemed appropriate. Watch this and you too will agree. Japan!

After 3 months on the road Team Vacation finally made it to Japan - and it was insane! We rode amazing snow and met even more amazing people.

Big thank you to Taka Nakai, Rio Tahara, Teddy Koo, Masato Shibuya, and the rest of the guys for showing us an incredible time.

Riders: Chris Carr, Louif Paradis, Chris Grenier, Taka Nakai, Scotty Arnold, Teddy Koo, Desiree Melancon, Harrison Gordon, Kohei Kudou, Ryuichi Kabeta, and Rio Tahara.