Well we're calling it episode 1 as we're certain there's gonna be more edits to drop from the Salomon and Bonfire teams' globe spanning Team Vacation. Here's a recap of the past month. Morrisey, bitch!

In the past month we've been through the Northwest, Tahoe, Stevens Pass, Socal, and Utah (with a pitstop in Las Vegas). Here's a quick recap of a few of the stops. Stay tuned - we've got more edits on the way.

We're currently headed up the east coast with Jed, Carr, CSM, Louif, Grenier, Scotty, and Harrison.

Riders in this edit: Chris Carr, Chris Grenier, Scotty Arnold, Harrison Gordon, Jonah Owen, Sawyer Dean, Keaton, and more.

Film provided and developed by Pro8mm.com

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