This is the real deal: Almost 30 minutes of Iker Fernandez - one of Spain's most cherished snowboarders of all time. Just like the teaser, the full movie did not come with any kind of description, but we were able to pull this blurb on Saiko from some remote website:

Longtime Nixon team rider and Snowboard legend, Iker Fernandez is without a doubt, the Spanish rider with most recognition in the International scene over the last decades. A rider who participated the last 3 Olympic games, reaching in his pinnacle winning the Pipe, not only a “competition guy" on the contrary a very complete rider.

For everything that Iker means to the International snowboarding scene, BQP films crew have dedicated a full-length documentary called SAIKO, a tribute to the greatest Spanish snowboarder of all time.

Documenting his career right from the beginning with his brothers, to the Olympics games, his trips around the world until today where he is still a living legend and idolized by not only European fans but snowboarders all over the world.

Featured snowboarders: Iker Fernandez, Richard Fernandez, Dani Fernandez, Michi Albin, Konrad Linder, Fer Natalucci, Nico Natalucci, Matzi Radaelli, Fran Massaguer, Marc Salas, Kike Carcelen, Dani Sastre