Watch Golden Boy Sage Kotsenburg unveil a new trick on US chat show a couple days ago.

Sage Kotsenburg is one of snowboarding's true innovators. With an Olympic gold medal that was a direct result of him doing tricks and grabs that he himself pioneered, Sage is certainly not afraid to try something new.

At X Games this year, Sage landed the first ever flatspun backside 1260 off the heel edge, and more recently blew our minds with this crazy butter combo off a kicker.

A couple days ago on Conan, a popular chat show over in the US, Sage revealed a new trick that he's been working on in Park City, which involves grabbing a camera from a friend standing on the table of the jump - mid frontflip.

While it's definitely not the most technically demanding trick out there, you have to admire Sage's ability to constantly think outside of the box and innovate.