As one unpunctual person once said* 'better late than never', and in that spirit we present to you Ryan Paterson's 2014 season edit. You may well recall Ryan from the Wildlife series that we were enthused on last season and now he gets his time to shine in a solo part.

Naturally as a Canadian, he's more adept at ploughing through the powder than Charlie Sheen on holiday in Tijuana, so he sends it pretty damn deep when it comes to the backcountry freestyle game.

It also appears the Whistler jumps are so whippy, you literally have to grab on with two hands to stop yourself from flying off into the stratosphere. Check the switch backside 540 at 1:05 in - air for days.

* According to ye olde faithful wikipedia, we have Geoffery Chaucer to thank for the nifty response to anyone commenting on our inability to arrive on time anywhere.