[mpora_video id='CHJ22kQxB '] Products, shmoducts. Ispo's over but what good is all that new stuff when you can't buy it before September?

Instead we present you this fun clip of some rippers kiling it in Superpark. Those rippers happen to be girls, but what they lay down is the shit. Don't believe us? Just watch it, man! Featured riders: Raewyn Reid, Kimmy Fasani, Hana Beaman, Kjersti Buaas

Meet our friend Ms. Superpark. She only comes around once a year, and you're never really sure where she's going to pop up, but she's not to be missed. Snowboard girls travel the distance to hang with the Ms's, partly because she attracts the paparazzi, but mostly because she's so much fun. So if you've never been properly introduced, just watch this clip.