The illustrious British explorers hailing from the lands of Route One, are back! This time on their travels, they say hallo and servus to Superpark Planai and the Kings Park Hochkönig, in Austria. Late spring slush and hot sauce park laps are the name of the game for this wee number.

With the first episode covering their travels in Switzerland and Italy, it seems the crew made it in one piece to begin their Austrian adventures. With microphones rigged up to their jackets, we're sure there was some more...colourful...language uttered whilst lapping the parks, but that wouldn't have made it a PG13 edit.

With the Blue Tomato Kings Park Höchkonig, stretching longer than Gandalf's beard - it seems the crew went to town on the features. Superpark Planai, is nothing to be sniffed at either with some tidy looking booters sending the team to the moon.