For the final installment of their team flick, the Rip Curl boys hit up the BC pow with JF Fortin acting as guide for Nils, Nate and Wiley. They also brought along a Matrix-style bullet time camera along for the ride, and the results were pretty tasty.

Here's what they said:

"We used TimeSlice to film some Matrix effects, that was the best way to show the vast improvement in the outerwear range, and it looks unreal! The set up included 30 cameras placed on a cat track, it was such a mission to organise everything with the cold and the wind, we had a lot of technical problems. The TimeSlice crew had a case for the 30 cams, really heavy…we had to find spots next to the cat track and it wasn’t easy at all. It took ages to set up everything at the spots, sometimes 2 days and, for sure a few tries to perfect the landing...but the result was awesome! It was worth it!"