Scotland - it's hardly the most glamorous location you could envision, right? Compared to heliboarding in Alaska or dipping into a Japanese Onsen after riding heated chairlift seats all day, it's far-flung in terms of luxury, but your average Scot would quite rightly argue you're missing the point.

What the do have is the most valuable commodity in the world: freedom. Oh, and vast, endless peaks and crags, stunning valleys and acres of the most beautiful landscapes you'll ever see. It's all privately owned, but in 2003 the Scottish government combined the two in the Right to Roam act, giving untamed access to anyone who wants it.

Alex Yoder and Marie-France Roy ventured out with friend-of-Onboard Lauren MacCullum to see what it's all about, making their bases mobile with a bit of #vanlife and enlisting the same film crew that shot last year's amazing Foothills mini-doc on DIY snowboard culture in Turkey, equally worthwhile in viewing terms.