Skullcandy head honcho Rick Alden, and member of Wasatch Equality: the group currently fighting the legal battle to end Alta's 30 year ban on snowboarding, took to the slopes of Alta with his splitboard recently to demonstrate the discrimination and bigotry that exists there.

In the early days of snowboarding, Alta was one of the first resorts to welcome young snowboarders, but complaints against the sport and popular opinion at the time lead Alta management to ban riding indefinitely.

Now, more than 30 years later, Alta is one of the only resorts in the world still refusing to accommodate the snowboard community, and the only resort doing so on public land.

Wasatch Equality are currently fighting a legal battle to end the ban, based on the fact that Alta lies on public land which, by it's own definition, should be available for everyone to use regardless of your preferred method of snow-sliding.

The arguments against Alta’s stand point are significant, yet the resort has filed a Motion to Dismiss against the case.

In this video, Rick Alden heads to Alta to bring us a snapshot of the incredibly archaic and inappropriate way that Alta still treats snowboarders.