Whoever uploaded this gem from around 2001, we salute you. Abandon work for the week, crack open a brew and check out the Canadian Wildcats crew in their heyday. Awesome movie.

For those of you wondering where those dirty Icelanders who produced the now-infamous A2M movie got their inspiration, watch this and pay special attention to the 15-odd minutes post-credits where the magic truly happens...

And if you're wondering where these guys got their inspiration from, watch this.

Return of the Wildcats is the second snowboard video from the infamous Canadian/American crew and as you would imagine the vid contains plenty of sick footage...Although a lot of the video is made up of footage of the likes of Trevor Andrew pissed and falling around the place, there's also a lot of good snowboarding...All the team riders have good individual sections...Kale Stephens has the first section with plenty of snowmobile action as well as some sick snowboarding including a massive cab 900. Chris Brown's section is one of the best with the tune "I'm an Arsehole" by Dennis Leary going down very well. Also features Max Jenke, Devun Walsh, Chris Dufficy, Dionne Delesalle, Joni Malmi, Paavo Tikannen, and plenty of others.

Featuring: Bjorn Leines, Chris Brown, Dave Cashen, Dionne Delesalle, J.F. Pelchat, Kale Stephens, Pete Andersen, Brad Plamus, Chris Dufficy, Devun Walsh, Gaetan Chanut, Jacob McIntyre, Max Jenke, Rob Dow