This teaser from Reason Films hails from a Land Down Under, apparently a place where women glow and men plunder. Check out some of the Southern Hemi's finest in the teaser for their upcoming movie, Go Seek...

With winter well and truly done here in the Northern Hemi, shredding's spotlight will shortly train itself south of the equator as winter kicks off in Australia, NZ and the southern hemisphere. So, really, this teaser from Reason Films is rather well timed. More than that, though, it's rather well put together too and showcases some of Australia and NZ's finest throwing down across the globe. Solid pow booters, pillow lines and a selection of sphincter quivering slams from dudes like Jye Kearney, Nick Brown, Mitch Allan, Jake McCarthy, Nick Hyne, Nate Johnstone, Charles Beckinsale, Clint Allan and more are what you can expect.

If this floats your boat you can pick up the movie with Transfer Snowboard Magazine issue 7, and those not able to make it to a newsstand down under can pick it up off iTunes.

Check it.