Following on from our appropriately-titled 'Mindblowing Snowskating Video' that we uploaded last week, we can now bring you more bindingless snowsliding sickness. While the previous was all about essentially skateboarding on snow, this however is more in tune with surfing (surfers do 360 flips now, right?) and looks darned fine if you ask us.

As anyone who's watched an Absinthe film in the last few years will know, Wolle Nyvelt has been pushing this kind of bindingless pow riding for a while now on his Äsmo boards, as have the dudes behind the Noboard movement. These US guys here have crafted their own boards and, judging by this teaser for an upcoming series of webisodes, have figured out how to work 'em pretty good.

We must say, when we watch Wolle, the Noboard guys and now this lot taking out these bindingless boards on bluebird pow days we can't help but think: "Wow. This lot must really have had waaay too many good powder days." And then we're proper jealous. #justsaying