Vice Mag kick off another season of their history-laced Powder & Rails webisodes with part 1 of their feature on the rebirth of the iconic Nixon Jib Fest.

As you may know, last winter the Nixon Jib Fest rose from the ashes and celebrated a banging return to form after an 8-year hiatus. The original contest in 2000 was a the brainchild of Jeremy Jones, JP Walker and Dave Downing who had the idea to celebrate the (at the time) relatively new resurgence in jibbing that they were spearheading and invite some of their bros to a loosely competitive jam session to push the envelope.

After several successful editions the boys moved their attentions elsewhere and the Nixon Jib Fest went into hibernation. Last winter, though, it was time to revive the contest and corral a selection of the most progressive jibbers around to throw down in a custom-built concept park once more. While we posted the hammer highlights of the Nixon Jib Fest a while back, this behind-the-scenes look at the event mixed, with what Steven Hawking might call a Brief History of Jib thrown in for good measure, is awesome. Watch it.