We're all up for snowboarders getting more exposure, and it's all pretty inevitable in the run up to Sochi 2014, but this profile on Peetu Piiroinen by Trans World Sport (not to be confused with Transworld Snowboarding thank god), is pretty laughable.

For starters, voiceover dude really ought to actually read the name of the rider he is talking about correctly (it's not pronounced 'Pinoina' you muppet). Even stranger is the way he then manages to eventually get it right later on in the video. The script is cheesier than your mountain meal fondue scrapings and the puns aren't any better: 'Next year at Sochi, P2 will be looking to make the step up to P1...'

Thankfully, the information is largely correct and we suppose it is being aimed at a very mainstream audience. But damn, this really is cringeworthy stuff.