Peace Park may now be in its 5th incarnation, but the purpose remains the same as they were from the get-go: to break the shackles of the traditional halfpipes and parks of the contest circuit, and have some end of season goodtimes on an imaginative, progressive course that aims to flip freestyle terrain riding on its head.

Danny Davis is the mastermind behind this offbeat anti-comp, with legendary shaper Frank Wells on hand to help him realise his vision. Scotty James, Sebbe De Buck, Greg Bretz and last year's MVP Ben Ferguson were among the invited riders, and the standard was predictably stratospheric.

You can see how amped everyone is to leave behind the standard stunt ditch and get loose on this Frankenstein's Monster of a park, with features including the biggest wallride we've ever seen. Even Jeff Brushie made an appearance, rolling back the years and flashing that trademark base graphic with his methods.

It's clearly had an influence on this year's Dew Tour - they're both backed by Mountain Dew, so that's not massively surprising. However, it's the first time that an event that is traditionally a 'serious business' competition (unlike Peace Park or the Red Bull Double Pipe) will take this approach.

It remains to be seen whether or not such a format will trickle down onto other more traditional big contests, but for now we're just hyped to see what Danny and his crew put their energies into every year. Awesome.