Pat Moore and filmer Jake Price have been voted for by their fellow riders and filmers as the winners of X Games Real Snow Backcountry 2014.

In an age where the contest side of snowboarding definitely garners the lion's share of the attention in the mainstream media and general public, the X Games Real Snow concept was conceived to bring an equally important side of snowboarding into the spotlight.

This year, Andreas Wiig, Iikka Backstrom, Jussi Oksanen, Pat Moore and Mikey Rencz all filmed 60 second parts with their chosen filmers in a bid to win an X Games gold medal for their efforts.

In a change of format for this year's X Games Real Snow Backcountry contest, the public vote and judge's choice was replaced by one single vote for the winning 60 second edit, cast by the riders and filmers themselves.

Watch the Mack Dawg produced video above to watch all of the riders give their take on the contest and filming in the backcountry, and to gleam some of their thoughts on their competitor's edits.

In the end, Pat Moore, earned the majority of the votes with an explosive, energy-filled beast of a part filmed by Jake Price with that classic Volcom aesthetic. We think it was a worthy choice and it confirms that the new voting process is a solid one.

If you missed them, check out all of the X Games Real Snow Backcountry 2014 edits below: