Day 4 at the Onboard Send Off Session 2015 in Levi, Lapland is a wrap! Check out all of the bangers (both on and off the hill) from a progressive session in the rail plaza as well as a heavy afternoon kicker session.

It's been non-stop mayhem here at the 4th annual Onboard Send Off Session in Levi, and after the previous day's epic sunset log bonk session, the riders have been hammering it just as hard.

Sebbe de Buck and Max de Vries may have picked up a few extra scrapes, but it definitely didn't stop them from getting back up there and stomping. After the rail session, the riders headed up to the big kicker for some lofty afternoon hits. Brage Richenberg was throwing down, with his effortless style, before everyone sent it in a different kind of way - at the bar!