The Onboard Send Off Session 2015 was cranked up to sixth gear yesterday, with some insane sessions on the mega booter and log bonk feature.

Day 3 at the Send Off Session 2015 was one for the books. With riders rising early for a heli shoot on the perfectly sculpted big kicker, there was certainly no shortage of heavy action. From Ville Paumola's silky front 3, to Peetu Piiroinen's double backside rodeo, hammer after hammer was logged.

Later in the evening, with the sun sinking low in another mind-blowing sunset, riders unleashed a feverish attack on the log bonk feature. There were chainsaws, fire, heaps of stoke and some of the best tricks of the week so far.

Check out the highlights from the day in the edit above, and stay tuned for more video and shots from the 2015 Onboard Send Off Session in Levi, Finland.