Day 2 at the 4th annual Send Off Session was an absolute belter. Check what went down on our specially constructed mega-features in Finnish Lapland in our second daily edit of the week.

With some early morning cloud rolling into Levi, Finland, Day 2 kicked off with a mellow session on the high rail / quarterpipe to landing feature, with riders like Tyler Chorlton, Sebbe de Buck and Peetu Piiroinen sending stylish alley-oop front 3s and cripplers way deep on the landing.

With the sun dropping below the clouds at around 9pm, the day was rounded out with the first few hits on the mega hip.

With riders clearly intimidated by the 5m cutout, only a select few were bold enough to step up to the plate and test out the beast. Always reliable when it comes to gigantic pop, it was Peetu Piiroinen who sent the biggest air of the evening deep into the sunset.

Stay tuned for more videos and photos from the 4th Annual Onboard Send Off Session in Levi, Finland and of course, many more bangers from the mega hip.