A fortnight back, we were lucky enough to head beyond the north wall in Finland, to Levi Ski Resort, which is located 170km beyond the Arctic Circle. Now obviously it wasn't just the Onboard HQ posse on their spring holiday; we dragged kicking and screaming 40 of Europe's best snowboarders (and a token Aussie/American) with us.

What followed was a week fuelled by the midnight sun, longkeros, reindeer meat and Sparrow Knox's aura of sheer madness. A handful of film crews were there to document the happenings including; BYND x MDLS, Snackbreak, Almo Films, Grindhouse and more.

Alongside these cinematic production crews, there was a smattering of talent that we'd scoped to come and film with the team of filmers that we'd assembled.

Whilst we work on condensing all the footage down into our highlight edit, scroll through the next few pages to see what we got up to whilst we were revelling in the land of a thousand lakes from our daily updates.

Check the 2015 Onboard Send Off Session, in partnership with Levi, Monster Energy, Dragon and SP Gadgets, kicking off in Finnish Lapland.

The park crew there had spent the last weeks crafting some epic snow sculptures for our hand picked crew of A-grade Euroboarders to send it off, and day one saw the action kick off.

Most of the action was concentrated on the jib setups, including the sick-looking container rail gap, that the likes of Max Buri, Janne Lipsanen, Niels Shack, Tomi Ollikainen, and Sami Luhtanen were tearing up.

With some early morning cloud rolling into Levi, Finland; Day 2 kicked off with a mellow session on the high rail / quarterpipe to landing feature, with riders like Tyler Chorlton, Sebbe de Buck and Peetu Piiroinen sending stylish alley-oop front 3s and cripplers way deep on the landing.

With the sun dropping below the clouds at around 9pm, the day was rounded out with the first few hits on the mega hip.

With riders clearly intimidated by the 5m cutout, only a select few were bold enough to step up to the plate and test out the beast. Always reliable when it comes to gigantic pop, it was Peetu Piiroinen who sent the biggest air of the evening deep into the sunset.

Day 3 at the Send Off Session 2015 was one for the books. With riders rising early for a heli shoot on the perfectly sculpted big kicker, there was certainly no shortage of heavy action. From Ville Paumola‘s silky front 3, to Peetu Piiroinen‘s double backside rodeo, hammer after hammer was logged.

Later in the evening, with the sun sinking low in another mind-blowing sunset, riders unleashed a feverish attack on the log bonk feature. There were chainsaws, fire, heaps of stoke and some of the best tricks of the week so far.

More non-stop mayhem from the 4th annual Onboard Send Off Session in Levi, and after the previous day’s epic sunset log bonk session, the riders were hammering it just as hard.

Sebbe de Buck and Max de Vries may have picked up a few extra scrapes, but it definitely didn’t stop them from getting back up there and stomping. After the rail session, the riders headed up to the big kicker for some lofty afternoon hits. Brage Richenberg was throwing down, with his effortless style, before everyone sent it in a different kind of way – at the bar!

Milky skies weren’t gonna hold the crew back in Levi, and so Day 5 saw dudes like Ville Paumola and Axel Thelen boss the high rail, while Niels Schack busted out the sickest trannyfinder on the containers.

And as for Sparrow Knox… legend!

Day six saw the session come to a close with some classic King's Day action from Joris, Max and Thijs, as they tried to break some speedster records to celebrate their Dutch royal heritage.

Cue jokes about the 'crown jewels'.