There's been a good deal of hype surrounding NOW Bindings and the technology they bring to the table, so we nabbed a pair and took them for a razz. Check the video of us putting their IPO model through its paces, and what we made of them...

JF Pelchat, ex-pro rider and the man behind NOW Bindings, has been apparently working on the idea behind these bindings for the best part of a decade. In a nutshell the technological leap is that these have an insert disc that mounts as normal but sits in a metal disc holder which is connected to the sides of the baseplate by a pivoting mechanism to make the baseplate essentially free-floating. This, plus the silicone bushings and heaps of cushioning that pretty much replaces most of where a traditional baseplate would be, is designed to reduce chatter, enhance feel, boost response and give more of a skate/surf-type feel to your snowboarding.

Pelchat's had a small army of pros test them, including Devun Walsh, DCP and Jeremy Jones, and captured their feedback, so we were more than stoked to finally be able to test them for ourselves. Check the video review.