If you're under 20 there's a good chance you have no idea of what the Nixon Jib Fest was. If you're old enough to remember, though, you'll know how awesome it was and last winter the boys threw another edition down. Bangers.

In the year 2000, Jeremy Jones, JP Walker and Dave Downing had the idea to hold a top secret, invite-only jib event that only the best jibbers on the globe would be called on to throw down. Their sponsor, Nixon, were pumped and helped the boys make it happen.

It went down for a few years and was always a benchmark for what contemporary jibbing was, but after a while the Jib Fest went into hibernation. Not any more. In winter of 2011 the Nixon jib Fest made a grand return to Northstar-at-Tahoe, this past April 26-28. 15 hand-selected riders took part and for three days - morning, noon and night - the riders ate, slept and rode JibFest creating a memorable experience for this A-list crew of jibbers.