Nitro Snowboards' full length team flick, Hyped!, is now live and direct. Check the likes of Eero Ettala, Austin Smith, Nils Arvidsson, Justin Bennee and more bossing it and getting hyped.

This is snowboarding as it should be: fun shredding and bangers, and if this doesn't make you want to strap in and shred you should probably check your pulse. Good job, Nitro. Mission accomplished!

Watch what gets Bryan Fox, Austin Smith, Markus Keller, Eero Ettala, Marc Swoboda, Benny Urban, Dominik Wagner, Knut Eliassen, Sam Taxwood, Sage Kotsenburg, Nils Arvidsson, Elias Elhardt, Anton Bilare, Anton Gunnarson, Jon Kooley, Justin Bennee, Torgeir Bergrem, and the rest of the team Hyped when they are snowboarding.

Locations: Salt Lake City, China, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Poland, Canada, Mt. Bachelor, Big Bear, and Mt. Baker.

Directed by Per-Hampus Stålhandske. Filmed and edited by Per-Hampus Stålhandske and Pirmin Juffinger. Produced by Nitro snowboards

Hyped! is the feeling we all get when we strap into our snowboards