Our Bulgarian brothers of the Ninja Squad fraternity - the guys responsible for the entertaining Weekend movie we posted a while back - have dropped a fun end-of-season edit as the crew take over Pamporovo and flip like motherbangers.

We think they might have been watching the I Ride Park City edits a couple times. Here it their chat...

You know when at the end of the season the weather is nice, the snow slushy, there are no gappers and you have the park just for you and your buddies. So that's what we did few weeks ago, spend four mellow days up in Pamporovo, the T-bar was working just and only for us, the park was great and the weather was nice. We end up having a good time, doing like more than hundred flips, got a lot of booze and Monster. Anyway we had great time and that's what it is about, check out the guest appearance by Niki, Bogi, Lozyo and Georgi Peltekov. Those days makes you value the words "friends" and "fun".