We really dig the vibe of this teaser for a Bulgarian snowboard movie. It makes us want to go shred, and we're sure this is something you will feel, too. Despite the lack of big features the Ninja Squad are as stoked as it gets on their riding.

Featured riders: Nikolai Dimitrov, Hristo Petkov, Ivo Kostov, Stanimir Semov, Nikolai Naydenov, Martin Izdimirski, Dimo Petkov, Miroslav Penchev, Dimitar Dimov, Alek Aleksandrov, Angel Kocev, Plamen Iliev, Hristo Chilov

Have you ever met those people that do not have any idea what snowboarding is and what makes you do it again and again every year? Are you annoyed of answering the question "Why are you doing it?"? Have you ever thought what's the easiest way to keep those dudes away from snowboarding?

Go ahead and do what we’re doing - keep the spirit of snowboarding for snowboarders and just answer with "For No Reason".

Full video coming in Fall 2012 for no reason.

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