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Inspired by the lowest common denominator of the internet - Buzzfeed - we thought it was about time we also participated in the hunt for more unique website visitors that don't know what a snowboard is, let alone a McTwist ("It's a burger, right? Right?"). We therefore went to our dusty archives and dug out some of the "cutest" snowboard videos we could find. Being professional journalists and all we also editorialised each of those kid snowboarders (aka Search Engine Optimisation). Here we go!

[part title='Red Gerard']

Maybe the most prominent underaged snowboarder is Red Gerard (no need to click the link, as we pasted pretty much everything we had on him below). This kid from Frisco/Colorado is only 12 years old. And now get this: When he filmed those videos below, he was even younger!

This one also features Wes Muresan, who clocks in at a meager 6 years of age, but he is equally (maybe even more?) amazing:

[part title='Judd Henkes']

When this video was filmed in 2012, Judd Henkes was only 10 years old. Also, it was all filmed in one morning. Now imagine what this snowboarder would have been capable of if the camera's battery had lasted a little longer!

[part title='Benni Fridbjornsson']

"Benni lives in Akureyri Iceland, hometown of Eiki Helgason and Halldor Helgason." Enough said.

[part title='Griffin MacFadyen']

This Spring, 10-year-old Griffin MacFadyen entered the stage of shred cuteness. Griffin rides for K2 Snowboarding, Volcom, Giro, R*O*A*R Sports Drink, Haywire Action Sports and Snug Life, and we can only hope he finds a few more sponsors through this video.

[part title='Marcus Kleveland']

13-year-old Marcus Kleveland is already down with triple corks. Not a bad feat for someone who is still walking around with a few of his milk teeth.

On the next page, kids get even younger. We promise!

[part title='Graham Haley']

Graham Haley is 13 years old and rides better than the editorial team of Onboard combined.

[part title='Luke Zajac']

Now after all those Mark McMorrises in the making it is about time for a future Louif Paradis. Here are Luke Zajac's amazing rail skills. Oh, and he was only 12 years old when filming this.

[part title='Bonus video: 18-months-old Nevek']

This one takes the biscuit - literally. 18-months old Nevek is always down for a good shred session. And sleeping and pooping, too, we hope.